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World of warcraft by Thrash-Waltz World of warcraft by Thrash-Waltz
WoW stamp FAQ:

Q: Are you seriously allowed to use these images on stamps?
A: Yep. Blizzard allows you to use all screen shots in non-profit projects. And the Wrath of the Litch King promo images were actually created by Blizzard for people to put on their website!

Q: HEY! You don't have a WoW stamp for a race/sex/faction in the class I play. What the hell is up with that, homes?
A: The images I use for the WoW class stamps are the images they provide on the class information pages. So, that one is all on Blizzard, not me. However, I will be uploading more WoW stamps when I get the chance to make some.

Q: Why aren't there any tauren on any of these stamps?!
A: You know, I have no idea. Maybe Blizzard hates Tauren.

Q: I play a T6 Female Blood Elf Priest. Can you make me a stamp specifically for that?
A: ...I don't OWN a T6 Female Blood Elf Priest. So no. But you're more than welcome to make your own WoW stamps. I just don't care

Q: What font did you use for the text on the class stamps?
A: Folkard. ~Sanct466 found it for me :D

Q: Alliance or Horde?
A: Horde. Horde is better than Alliance in every way possible. Ever. C:

So, enjoy!

World of Warcraft (c) Blizzard
Awesome (c) Me
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April 8, 2008
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