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May 25, 2009
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Character Meme I - Ages by Thrash-Waltz Character Meme I - Ages by Thrash-Waltz

:bulletblack: Draw your character(s) at ages 5, 13, 17, and 25.
:bulletwhite:Download for the full size (the link is to the right of this image) if you're like me and need freaking giant boxes to draw in.
:bulletblack: You can always scan it in and put the images in with a program like GIMP or Photoshop. No I will not teach you how to do that.
:bulletwhite: Feel free to use fan characters and original characters, and if you really want to use yourself, that's fine too!


:bulletblack: You do not have to ask me if you can fill this out.
:bulletwhite: Provide a link and credit me with the original idea/blank meme in your artist comments. If you have been on deviantART for more than five minutes and have not figured out how to provide credit/link to the original, do not bother doing this meme until you figure it out.
:bulletblack: Yes, you can draw your own template for your own meme (do not just upload the blank, please) if you don't like the one I have provided, but please still link back to the original and credit the idea to me.
:bulletwhite: You can change the ages if you would like. This includes adding or removing boxes.
:bulletblack: Please come back here and send me a link once you have filled this out. While I don't always have the time to comment, I look at EVERY SINGLE ONE you send me, and I love them all! :heart:


If you DO ask me anything I have addressed in the description, I will assume that you have not read this description and therefore reserve the right to make fun of you. Playfully, of course.


About this meme being on KnowYourMeme: Yes, I know that this is on there. No, I didn't put it on there. I'm just as baffled as you.


A ton of people have been asking if I've ever made other memes, and the answer is yes. Here's a quick, non-descript link list of the other memes I've got currently. Most of these deal with poses and supporting characters, so be sure to use them as you're fleshing out your drawing skills and characters' background stories!



And thanks for taking the time to fill them out guys C: I love seeing the artwork.


Texture ([link] by: `cloaks
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